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Member Care Support Network Testimonial

Lorna Sampson

"I learned about Howard County General Hospital’s Member Care Support Network from its Community Care Team. Due to previous health complications, I came to HCGH for two surgeries. While at the hospital, I learned I qualified for free at-home health care assistance from CCT. 

The team noticed I needed additional help with day-to-day tasks I couldn’t perform because of my health. I’m fairly new to Howard County, with no family or close friends nearby. I found out an MCSN volunteer could help me for free.

When Tehani Mundy, MCSN coordinator, visited me to enroll me in the program and understand my needs, she noticed some jewelry I made while I was recovering from my surgeries. Tehani suggested I showcase my jewelry to sell it. She paired me with Dibora Kuma, a volunteer Community Companion knowledgeable about social media. Dibora took photos of my jewelry and showed me how to post them on Instagram. Now, I’m marketing my own jewelry.

Dibora also helped me organize paperwork for my appointments and medical bills, which can be very overwhelming, and with some basic home organizing. She moved belongings that I can’t lift so they are more convenient for me.

Dibora came into my life to help with simple tasks, but the impact she’s had is far greater. I think of her as a friend, an advocate and, thanks to her social media know-how, a business advisor.

When you’ve been independent for most of your life and are accustomed to doing things on your own, it can be hard to recognize when you need help and to ask for it. My condition halted the independent day-to-day life I was used to, and it has been a hard adjustment. Thanks to the MCSN program and its Community Companion volunteers, living with my condition has gotten better."

- Lorna Sampson

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