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Spine Academy (Surgery)

Welcome to the Spine Academy!

Spine Academy
By this time, you already have visited your orthopaedic or neurosurgeon and made the choice to have spine surgery at Howard County General Hospital. Your first assignment is to read all the information from your physician and the hospital, then complete all necessary forms. You have also seen your primary care physician, who completed your history and physical examination, ordered routine lab tests, and may have ordered a chest X-ray, an EKG and other special laboratory tests. These tests must be completed prior to your surgery.

Postoperative pain management is a concern for both our patients and physicians. It is important that you maintain a comfortable level on the pain scale so you can participate in physical therapy sessions and increase your mobility. Please let your physician know all medications you are taking prior to surgery so we can adequately manage your pain. If you have been using narcotics for pain control, it may be necessary for you to be evaluated by a pain management physician preoperatively. Again, please discuss these issues with your physicians before surgery.

Frequently, your physician will want to fit you with a brace before surgery. You will have to wear this brace in the hospital and for several weeks after discharge. Please arrange to pick up your brace at least one week prior to surgery and bring it with you the day of surgery. Some of our surgeons prefer to have their patients keep their preoperative imaging studies (MRI, CT, X-rays). Be sure to bring these images with you the day of surgery.

Our experience at Howard County General Hospital shows that the more informed patients are about their surgery, the more likely they are to have a successful surgical outcome. Our goal is to involve you in every step, from the time your surgery is scheduled, through the preoperative orientation and during your stay at our hospital.

At your orientation meeting, we will review your postoperative care in detail so you know what to expect after surgery. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Spine Academy coordinator at 410-720-8000.  To schedule your orientation meeting, please call 410-884-4545.

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