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Joint Academy Q & A

Our goal is to prepare you to go home after discharge. Some patients will need additional rehabilitation with PT and OT to increase their independence prior to returning home.

  • ?Some insurance providers do not cover rehabilitation, even if your doctor or physical therapist recommends it. Contact your insurance company regarding coverage for home care or placement in a rehabilitation facility. Your need for rehabilitation or home care depends on your progress after surgery.
  • Your doctor, PA, nurses and therapists will decide on the most appropriate treatment plan. A member of our Case Management Department will consider your insurance benefits when coordinating your discharge treatment plan.
  • ?Your case manager will coordinate home care with our Johns Hopkins home care liaison to schedule your home physical therapy and, if necessary, occupational therapy, as well as coordinate options with you and your insurance company.  

    If you do not qualify for home therapy, your physician will order outpatient therapy. The case manager can provide you with a list of outpatient rehabilitation facilities in the area, or your physician may have a recommendation.
  • ?Any special equipment you need at home will be arranged by Case Management in coordination with PT and OT. Call your insurance company to find out what medical equipment your plan covers after total joint replacement.

    Many insurance providers do not cover hospital beds, wheelchairs, tub chairs or grab bars but most do cover walkers and/or crutches..
  • ?There are many rehabilitation facilities available. Some forms of rehabilitation take place in a skilled nursing facility while others are in an acute rehab facility. If you prefer to use a specific provider, contact the provider directly about coverage from your insurance company.

    We also recommend that you visit the facility before your surgery, if possible. If you do not have a preference, your social worker will help you choose a provider before you leave the hospital.

  • ?Your case manager will work with your insurance company if you need to be transferred to a rehabilitation facility after surgery. Your medical needs will determine what transportation method is most appropriate. Most insurance companies do not guarantee transportation services. In some instances, there may be an out-of-pocket expense or you may be required to provide your own transportation.
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