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Your Treatment Team

Screening and Diagnosis

Regular screenings for breast cancer can save thousands of lives each year and an early detection and diagnosis improves chances for successful treatment. We offer:


Johns Hopkins breast surgical oncologist, Lisa K. Jacobs, M.D., leads the Breast Center at Howard County General Hospital, guiding patients through the treatment process. Surgeries are performed here and other treatments are coordinated with specialists in the community. If you have received a diagnosis of breast cancer and need a surgical consultation, finding an experienced specialist in breast cancer surgery is an important first step. Dr. Jacobs has focused her career on caring for women with breast cancer. She also practices at the Johns Hopkins Breast Center in downtown Baltimore.

Radiation Treatment

Central Maryland Radiation Oncology offers advanced and comprehensive radiation therapy provided by specialists from Johns Hopkins Medicine and the University of Maryland Medical Center. Our patients can benefit from the expertise of world-renowned experts right here on the campus of Howard County General Hospital.


The Breast Center coordinates care with your medical oncologist. Maryland Oncology Hematology and Chesapeake Oncology-Hematology Associates participate in our hospital’s cancer program and multidisciplinary cancer conferences.

Reconstructive Breast Surgery

Women today have many options for restoring their silhouettes after large lumpectomy or mastectomy surgery. Our plastic surgeons can help women with the full range of options available today, including oncoplastic surgery, implants and complete breast reconstruction using their own tissue. Here is a recorded seminar that explains all of the options available today

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Women undergoing cancer treatment can have treatment-related symptoms and conditions. Physical therapy can help them get their strength back.

Cancer Support Services

Our Claudia Mayer / Tina Broccolino Cancer Resource Center provides many services to breast cancer patients, including counseling, support groups, and aesthetic services.

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