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Testimonials: Vereka Edwards

Vereka Edwards
Registered Nurse
Intermediate Care Unit

Vereka Edwards

I always knew I wanted to be a nurse, but, before beginning my clinical training, I lost faith that I’d be able to complete the nursing program. Instead, I finished my bachelor’s degree in food services and joined the HCGH family as a dietary clerk in 2003.

I just couldn’t let go of my dream of nursing and in 2004 I was accepted into the Nursing School at Howard Community College. HCGH promoted me to their PCT Extern Program, which gave me a fantastic opportunity for hands-on experience with the various skills I was learning at school, such as phlebotomy, IV initiation and catheter insertion. And, when I received my RN license in 2006, HCGH promoted me to a full-time RN position.

Being part of the HCGH health-care family made me realize where my heart was. I may have never become a nurse without the encouragement and confidence I found here to follow my dream and go for it! My career at HCGH has been a truly rewarding experience