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Testimonials: Patricia Rabette

Patricia Rabette
Manager CT/MRI Services
Diagnostic Imaging

Patricia Rabette

How much do I enjoy working at HCGH? Enough that I commute 75 miles one way to work here! You might wonder what motivates me to make such a long trip each day and I can easily say not only are the hours good, but I work with a caring, understanding staff that I have never found anywhere else.

As a mother to a teenage daughter, the college tuition assistance benefit that is offered here is very important to me. Another benefit that I can mention is the way management encourages all staff to continuously update their skills and keep up with the latest technology.

The Administration here is very approachable and really cares about the people that work at HCGH. I particularly appreciate that town hall meetings are held where the CEO listens to staff concerns and answers their questions.

I can’t say enough good things about my co-workers both in my own department and those that I interact with in other departments. At HCGH, we truly are a team and it shows.