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Testimonials: Lina Chauhan

Lina Chauhan
Speech/Language Pathologist

Lina Chauhan

In 2007, I walked into the front door of HCGH as graduate student for an interview with Karen Allen, SLP/CCC, and Christopher Klein, SLP/CCC, for a student internship position in the Speech Language Pathology department. Upon finding out that I was from Boston, my interview was concluded with the following Boston Red Sox trivia question: “Who was the last player to win baseball’s triple crown?”

Little did I know that almost three years and multiple failed Boston Red Sox trivia questions later these two people who were, and continue to be, my mentors would become my colleagues and friends. Karen and Christopher provided me with a nurturing learning environment that allowed me to ask questions, critically think and effectively apply my knowledge in a hands-on manner. I never had imagined that I would work in a hospital setting; however, working side by side with two of the most knowledgeable speech language pathologists that I know quickly changed my view.

Oh and the answer to that infamous Boston Red Sox trivia question, Carl Yazstrzemski in 1967.