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Program Administrators

Residency Program Director

The pharmacy director is designated as the residency program director (RPD).  The director ensures that the program goals and objectives are met and the requirements necessary for the completion of the PGY-1 residency program are met by all residents.  The residency director is responsible for ensuring that each resident is receiving a well-rounded experience and is meeting all ASHP goals and objectives. Preceptor development and preceptor selection will be defined by the residency director.

Residency Program Coordinator

The residency coordinator (RPC) will stand as the assistant director.  He/she will work in conjunction with the program director to assure the overall program goals and objectives are met.  In addition to designing resident schedules and coordinating educational activities, the coordinator will ensure that all training deadlines are met, monitoring learning evaluations and preceptor interactions and that resident evaluations are completed.  

Residency Advisory Committee (RAC)

The Residency Preceptors Committee is a standing committee of the Department of Pharmacy. It is composed of residency preceptors and meets on a monthly basis to evaluate residents’ progress.  The Committee serves in an advisory capacity to the Residency Program Director, and endeavors to maintain and improve the quality and consistency of the residency program.  

The committee provides a forum for preceptors to discuss common concerns, to develop additional learning experiences, and to promote new and innovative areas of practice. The committee meets on a monthly basis. The specific functions of the committee include:

  • Continuous evaluation of the curriculum, goals and objectives
  • Quarterly evaluation of the residents’ progress
  • The evaluation and support of residency projects
  • Resident recruitment and selection

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