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Pharmacy Residency Benefits


Interview luncheon
Resident cubicle with computer
In-house phone and direct line (Ascom)
ACLS certification

Meeting Support

Travel and accommodation reimbursement for ASHP MidYear Clinical Meeting and Eastern States Residency Conference


$ 46,508.80

Paid time off

Residents are allowed two paid holidays, one hospital-recognized summer holiday and one hospital-recognized winter holiday (See Staffing)

Paid Time Off (PTO)
Residents are allowed to take a maximum of 10 paid days off during the residency year. Residents are allowed to take only a maximum of three consecutive days off in a row. Additional paid time off must be approved by the residency director

Health Insurance

Standard Comprehensive Coverage

  • Medical
  • Vision
  • Prescription
  • Life insurance
  • Disability
  • Dental

See How to Apply

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