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RN Fellowship Program

To facilitate the challenging transition from nursing school to the world of professional nursing, HCGH piloted the RN Fellowship program. Our goal is to build professionalism and independence among new nurses, reinforce our commitment to educate and retain our high quality nursing staff.

The RN Fellowship program lasts for one year, with four different versions to meet the individual needs of all nursing specialties offered at HCGH: Medical-Surgical; Intermediate Care and Short Stay Unit; Critical Care, Emergency Department, PACU and Pediatrics; and Obstetrics.  The Fellowship guides nurses from orientation classes to full patient responsibility and accountability. Nurses have a mentor and regular support group sessions to provide encouragement and oversight.

For additional information about the RN Fellowship Program, contact Vera Tolkacevic, MBA, RN, program manager for the Nurse Mentor Program at 443-718-3216