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Nursing Student PCT Training Program

About the Program

To apply for the Nursing Student PCT Training Program please complete an online application. The position may be found under the Allied Health job category.

This is a program for student nurses who have successfully completed Fundamentals of Nursing with a patient care clinical component. At HCGH, we recognize your need for more experience with clinical skills. Our program allows you to apply skills learned in your nursing program and gain competency in: Phlebotomy, IV initiation, 12-lead EKG and Foley catheter insertion.

Students accepted into the program attend four weeks of classroom training, followed by work experience on a variety of units. In the summer program, students work full-time for six weeks and then on a PRN basis. In the winter, students work on a PRN basis following the classroom training.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Initiate IVs using saline locks
  2. Perform: Tracheostomy care, Ostomy care/dressing changes, Enemas, 12-lead EKG
  3. Takes/records vital signs
  4. Respiratory therapy treatments: Directed cough for sputum samples, Incentive spirometry, Pulse oximetry
  5. Document intake & output
  6. Phlebotomy
  7. Specimen collection: urine, sputum
  8. Insertion of Foley catheter/straight catheterization
  9. Nasopharyngeal/oropharyngeal suction
  10. Assist with rehab treatments under supervision of OT/PT
  11. Assist with activities of daily living
  12. Provide comfort/safety measure/restraints
  13. Assist with personal hygiene: Bed baths/mouth care
  14. Assist with turning/positioning patients
  15. Identify potential emergencies & reports to RN immediately
  16. Assist with family/care team communication; reinforce patient teaching
  17. Report changes in patient status
  18. Perform blood glucose checks/records

After completion of the program, students work part-time, full-time or PRN as a PCT in order to retain the newly acquired clinical skills.

Required Qualifications

  • 3.0 GPA (nursing classes) preferred
  • Maryland Certified Nursing Assistant License
  • Must attend entire program
    (M-F classroom training-8a-4:30p and clinical training-7a-3:30p)
  • On completion, must work PRN

How to Apply

Submit the following to the Recruitment Specialist at the contact information below. You may also apply online here by selecting job category "Allied Health & Patient Care" and clicking search.

  • Resume: include education with GPA, clinical rotation experience, i.e. med/surg, OB, etc., school activities, volunteer/community affiliations, previous/current work experience
  • Employment application
  • Maryland Certified Nursing Assistant License
  • Current transcript
  • Two evaluations/references from clinical instructors

Need Financial Aid to Finish Nursing School?

If you have a minimum grade point average of 3.0, you are eligible to apply for our nursing scholarship of up to $3,000 annually, which will assist you in the payment of tuition, books and fees for your last two critical years of nursing school. In return, you commit to work at HCGH for each year of reimbursement received. For more information, contact the Clinical Education Department at 410-740-7697.

What Now?

Now that you have completed your final year of nursing school, we hope you will join our New Graduate Nurse Orientation Program.

Contact Information

Howard County General Hospital
5755 Cedar Lane
Columbia, Maryland 21044
Phone: 410-720-8779
Fax: 410-740-7532 or 7542