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Pediatrics at Home Services

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Neonatal home care

Neonatal home care includes a variety of care and rehabilitation services for medically fragile infants, spanning nursing, clinical respiratory care and equipment, apnea monitoring, infusion, enteral therapy, nutrition and monitoring of neonatal abstinence syndrome.

Pediatric palliative care

We offer comprehensive care for children and their families dealing with life-limiting or chronic complex conditions, including services such as pain and symptom management, skilled nursing, social work services, counseling and transition to community resources. 

Pediatric Home Medical Equipment

A variety of specialized equipment is provided to help improve a child’s quality of life, such as oxygen, apnea monitoring, bilevel, ventilator management, nebulizers, child-size walkers, wheelchairs, hospital beds, orthopaedic equipment and other medical supplies.

Pediatric Oncology

Our staff is highly skilled and trained to provide services focused on the treatment of childhood cancers. We offer chemotherapy infusion, nutritional support, oxygen, pain and symptom management.

Pediatric Rehabilitation

These rehabilitation services assist children with cognitive, developmental and physical disorders, and are treated by physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech therapist. 

Pediatric Asthma Management

This comprehensive clinical pathway program is customized to meet the unique needs of each child. Home environmental assessments, peak flow meters, nebulizers, mattress covers, age-appropriate education about the disease, asthma triggers and interventions are provided as indicated.

Infusion Services

Pediatric infusion services involve clinical pharmacist consultation and skilled nursing care to assist families in administering intravenous products and medications. Therapies include but are not limited to antibiotics, anticoagulants, biologicals, blood clotting factor, catheter care, chemotherapy, enteral therapy, growth hormone, hydration, inotropic therapy, IVIG and SQIg, pain management, steroids, transplant therapies and total parenteral nutrition.

General Pediatrics

We also provide specialty services for children with injuries, gastrointestinal disorders, pulmonary diseases, and blood and immune system diseases.