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Conditions We Treat: Incisional Hernia

Incisional hernias occur at or in close proximity to a surgical incision through which intestinal or other tissue protrudes. All abdominal surgery carries the risk of a postoperative incisional hernia due to a weakening of the muscle from the incision.

Incisional Hernias: What You Need to Know

Incisional hernia
  • Individuals who participate in excessive or premature physical activity after surgery, gain considerable weight, become pregnant or increase abdominal pressure in any other way before the incision is fully healed are especially at risk for an incisional hernia.
  • Incisional hernias are most likely to occur within three to six months post-surgery but can occur at any time.
  • Following your surgeon’s instructions for postoperative care will help reduce the likelihood of developing an incisional hernia.

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