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Hematology Fellows Summer Lecture Series

All sessions 12:00PM – 1:00PM
Mondays - Ross 1103
Wednesdays - Ross 1003
Fridays - CMSC 906 or Hurd Hall

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Lecture Topic

F  07/06/12

Clinical Indications for Terminal Complement Inhibition (R. Brodsky)

M 07/09/12

Anemia - Pathophysiology and Evaluation (L. Resar)

W 07/11/12

Nutritional Deficiency States-Iron/B12/Folic Acid (A. Moliterno)

F  07/13/12

Acute Management of Vascular Crisis in Sickle Cell (JJ. Strouse)

M 07/16/12

Hemoglobinopathy (S. Lanzkron)

W 07/18/12

A Case from the Ward-AIHA - C. Kanakry (K. King)

F  07/20/12

Platelets (T. Kickler)

M 07/23/12

A Case from the Clinic-Inherited BMF - J. Kanakry (R. Brodsky)

W 07/25/12

Hemostasis (C. Takemoto)

F 07/27/12

Iron Overload (J. Spivak)

M 07/30/12

Thrombosis-Hypercoaguable States (M. Streiff)

W 08/01/12

Cases from the Hospital-DVT Prevention - A. Zeidan (M. Streiff)

F 08/03/12

A Case from the Clinic-MDS - R. Naik (M. McDevitt)

M 08/06/12

Laboratory Assessment of Clotting-Classic Cases (T. Kickler)
no slides - case discussion workshop

W 08/08/12

Cases from the Hospital-Thrombocytes (S. Shanbhag)

F 08/10/12

BMT in SSD (J. Bolanos-Meade)

M 08/13/12

Board Preparation-Who Wants to be a Hematologist (G. Ghiaur)
no slides - interactive session

W 08/15/12

Cases from the Clinic - LGL (A. DeZern)

F 08/17/12

A New Hypercoagulable State: Hemoglobinopathies (R. Naik)

M 08/20/12

Leukemia Stem Cell Theory and Practice (J. Gerber)

W 08/22/12

Vena Cava Filters (M. Streiff)