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How to Participate as a Walker

Participating in Heart Walk as a walker is a memorable experience with a huge impact.  Walkers are responsible for finding monetary sponsors for their walk. Walkers do this by registering on the website, and sending e-mails to family, friends and co-workers to help raise funds for this important cause.

Signing up to be a Walker is easy….follow the steps below:

  1. Go online to www.greatermarylandheartwalk.org
  2. Click on ‘Register to join Heart Walk' in the upper lefthand corner of the website
  3. Click 'Join a Team' and confirm if you have participated in the Heart Walk before
  4. When prompted, select your Johns Hopkins facility in the company drop down tab and click 'Search for your team'
  5. Review search results and select 'Join'
  6. Fill out the registration form