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Abby Cummings, MSN, CRNP, CHFN

Abby Cummings

What is your job title?

I am a certified family nurse practitioner at the Heart Failure Bridge Clinic.

What is your job?

I help to facilitate the transition of heart failure patients from the inpatient hospital setting to outpatient care. I manage and treat general heart failure conditions as well as reinforcing educational needs.

What is your education?

I have a master’s in the science of nursing and I am a certified, registered family nurse practitioner. I am also a certified heart failure nurse.

When did you start working at Johns Hopkins?

May, 2014

When did you start working in heart failure?

I started working as a nurse on a cardiac telemetry inpatient unit in 2008. I cared for heart failure patients on this floor for 3 years. After that, I worked in cardiac surgery for another 3 years. There I had an opportunity to work with heart failure patients after cardiac transplantation and with patients who had ventricular assist devices. 

Why do you choose to work with heart failure patients?

I fell in love with cardiology as a brand new nurse in 2008 and love working with adults of all ages. A close family member of mine lived many years with heart failure and when he passed away I became inspired to make a difference in the quality of life for my patients.

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