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Clinical Exercise Physiology and Cardiac Rehabilitation

The Clinical Exercise Physiology and Cardiac Rehabilitation center offers comprehensive, medically supervised programs designed to teach people how to exercise safely and manage heart disease risk factors.

Individualized Exercise Prescriptions

After an initial consultation visit, an individualized exercise prescription is designed for each participant. All exercise workouts are supervised by a clinical exercise physiologist.

Participants can choose to exercise in a small group setting or have individualized personal training sessions. Feedback is provided to the participant's personal health care provider on a regular basis.

Programs can be designed for individuals with:

  • all types of heart conditions
  • diabetes
  • peripheral vascular disease
  • hypertension
  • hyperlipidemia
  • other health conditions

We also provide programs for those who are at risk for heart disease, vascular disease, and diabetes, and for those who need to lose weight or gain muscle mass.

Center Equipment

The center is equipped with aerobic and resistance exercise equipment to meet all of the needs of each individual. For individuals enrolled in the cardiac rehabilitation program, wireless telemetry monitors the electrocardiogram during each workout. We also monitor blood pressure before, during and after exercise, as needed.

Comprehensive Testing

The center also offers comprehensive metabolic fitness and body composition testing. Among the services offered are measurements of VO2 max, or maximum aerobic capacity, during treadmill or bicycle exercise. For those needing to lose body weight, metabolic testing provides very accurate measurement of caloric expenditure at rest and during exercise. Body composition can be assessed with bioimpedance analysis or anthropometrics. An important feature of this testing is that a clinical exercise physiologist will go over the results and plan a personal exercise program that can be carried out at the clinical exercise center or at home.

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Weight Loss Services

Our Clinical Exercise Physiology and Cardiac Rehabilitation Center measures your body composition, resting metabolism and fitness for an effective weight loss plan.

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Human Performance Services

The Cardiac Rehabilitation and Exercise center offers several human performance testing to measure your current fitness level.

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