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Innovation and Discovery

Project: The Hopkins Heart


The mission of the Hopkins Heart Initiative is to develop a replacement heart that can improve the function of, promote the regeneration of, and, if necessary, completely replace a diseased heart.

  • This artificial heart will generate blood flow that is continuously coordinated with the patient's physiological demands, operate in harmony with the circulatory system without inciting dot-inducing or other disruptions in the bloodstream, provide power through an energy source without infection-prone tethering lines, and be fully implantable with an individualized geometry and configuration.
  • An intense collaboration of specialists devoted to this project will bring together a spectrum of disciplines spanning cardiology and cardiac surgery, hemo- and fluid dynamics, biomedical engineering, physics, control theory and materials science.
  • Rigorous principles of systems design and development will enable and guide the discovery processes of the team to produce synergistic and goal oriented innovations.
  • Johns Hopkins University will draw upon its unparalleled capacity for transdisciplinary research between engineering and medicine, complex systems development and patient-centered clinical care to ensure success in this revolutionary mission.


The Hopkins Heart Initiative will:

  • Lead the team through an inclusive approach that draws from a spectrum of expertise in clinical, biological and engineering sciences
  • Systematically enable an inspired, radical discovery process
  • Unify the efforts of the diverse research participants, by instilling a patient centered mindset
  • Promote transdisciplinary collaboration by leveraging the Hopkins tradition of excellence, integrity, respect, and collegiality
  • Educate and engage the next generation of scientists and engineers in this medical and technological endeavor.

This is a ten-year program to develop a replacement organ to treat heart failure.  The team was organized in April 2013 and a $100 million development campaign is underway.

The first Hopkins Heart Symposium was held on February 8, 2014, featuring Dr. William DeVries as the keynote speaker.