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CT Angiography

Who is the ideal candidate for coronary CT angiography?

  • Symptomatic patients with a low to intermediate probability of obstructive CAD
  • Patients over 40 with atypical chest pain and equivocal stress test findings
  • Patients who are at a high risk of undergoing cardiac catheterization

Why order coronary CT angiography?

  • To rule out obstructive coronary artery disease in an intermediate-risk patient
  • Sensitivity and specificity in detecting obstructive CAD is superior to any other noninvasive testing
  • Only test that can non-invasively define both calcified and non-calcified plaque
  • Excellent ability to assess complex, anomalous and bypass-graft anatomy
  • In 10 minutes your patient can have a calcium score and complete evaluation of the coronary arteries

Outpatient prep is simple:

  • Oral beta blocker (50-100 mg metoprolol) taken one hour before test
  • No caffeine or stimulants
  • Goal heart rate = 65 or below

Talk to your cardiologist about coronary CT angiography.

If you are a referring physician, call 443-997-0270 to schedule coronary CT angiography today.