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Heart & Vascular Institute

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Lifestyle Management Services

Exercise physiologist in white coat talking with a patient on the elliptical machineWe provide a full range of lifestyle management.

Exercising regularly, eating well and managing stress have been proven to benefit the heart and vascular system. Taken together we call it lifestyle management, which is particularly vital to your health if you’re at risk for cardiovascular disease. 

The lifestyle management services at the Women’s Cardiovascular Health Center come with a team of cardiologists, exercise physiologists, nutritionists, and psychologists. By creating a wellness program tailored to your health and family history, along with your fitness level, we can help you achieve the best possible cardiovascular health.

Our services


An important (and fun) aspect of our lifestyle management program are the Johns Hopkins Clinical Exercise Center at Green Spring Station and the Clinical Exercise Center at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center.

After an initial consultation, we’ll provide you with an exercise “prescription” based on your fitness level and cardiovascular health background. Every program is developed and supervised by an experienced clinical exercise physiologist, and you can choose between small group classes or individualized training sessions.

Your progress is continually monitored, and programs are modified based on exercise goals and degree of cardiovascular risk. So you get the most out of your time here.

Learn more about our clinical exercise center. Read about the cardiovascular benefits of exercise.


Dietitian reaching into a 3-D model of a food pyramid as a patient holds two pieces of fruitArielle Rosenberg counsels a patient about healthy food options.

Our dietitians from the Department of Clinical Nutrition are available to counsel you about nutrition. We’ll coordinate your meeting with a personal nutrition expert, who will:

  • Assess the quality and quantity of what you eat, and give you the tools to improve your eating habits
  • Create a personalized diet instruction plan based on mutually determined goals
  • Work with the rest of your health care team to manage and prevent disease

Learn more about services offered by the Department of Clinical Nutrition.

Get heart healthy nutrition information, including tips on cooking, dining out, understanding fats and cholesterol, and weight loss.
Read about the relationship between weight loss and lower cardiovascular risk.

Stress and depression

Stress, depression, and anxiety have both direct and indirect effects on the heart, and women are at greater risk than men for developing these problems. Emotional or mental stress directly contributes to heart disease by increasing the risk of cardiac events. That’s why psychological evaluation and management are important components of our program.

Read about depression and cardiovascular disease.

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To schedule a general appointment or lifestyle management consultation, call 410-550-5191.

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