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Heart & Vascular Institute

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About Us

Picture of the new building for the Women's Cardiovascular Health CenterThe Women's Cardiovascular Health Center has a locationon the Bayview campus in a state of the art building. A second location is in Columbia, Maryland.

With one location at the Bayview campus of Johns Hopkins Medicine and another in Columbia, Maryland, the Women’s Cardiovascular Health Center fills an urgent need to address the very specific cardiovascular health issues women face at every age. Our philosophy encompasses lifestyle behavior and education as well as state-of-the-art clinical treatment. Our goals are to help women understand the connections between healthy living, state of mind and cardiovascular health. We believe this can help women maintain the best possible cardiovascular health, recognize symptoms of disease, and understand the options for care. 

Our mission

The spacious waiting room in the Women's Cardiovascular Health Center with two doctors walking down the hallway, patients sitting, and patients checking in.The spacious waiting room in the Women's Cardiovascular Health Center

We’re dedicated to educating people and managing cardiovascular disease more effectively in our surrounding communities and across the world. Our vision is to optimize cardiovascular health in all women by making health education publically accessible, identifying disease early, and treating it promptly.

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