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Tina Ha-Johnson, RN

Tina Ha-Johnson


What is your job title?

Senior Clinical Nurse for the Division of Cardiology

What is your job?

Bridging the gaps in care for Heart Failure patients. 

When did you start working at Johns Hopkins?

August 2015 with Johns Hopkins Hospital Cardiac Care Unit and Cardiovascular Interventional Laboratory , and July 2019 with Johns Hopkins University Outpatient Cardiology.

Why do you choose to work with heart failure patients?

Patients with heart failure require lifelong management, and much can be done to help them live longer and more normal lives. I empower my patients to take ownership and initiative of their own heart failure management. Many times, the heart can even be strengthened with proper medication adherence and treatment compliance.  

What is your education?

RN, MSN from the University of Maryland School of Nursing

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