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Julianne Chambers, RN, BSN, NCIII

Julian Chambers


What is your job title?

Heart Failure Bridge Clinic nurse

What is your job?

I assist in bridging the gap between inpatient and outpatient heart failure care to improve inpatient core measure compliance, provide patient education, provide improved patient self-management support through telemanagement programs. I also provide nursing care to outpatients seen in Heart Failure Clinic for routine follow-up, lab work, IV Lasix and electrolyte replacement.

When did you start working at Johns Hopkins?

I started working at Johns Hopkins Hospital as a Nursing student on Osler 4 in 1988 and began working as a nurse on Osler 4 in 1991.

When did you start working in heart failure?

I have worked with heart failure patients for 20 years on Osler 4. I transitioned to the Heart Failure Bridge Clinic to try and make an impact on patient compliance and self-care management to help reduce the number of readmissions to the hospital.

What is your education?

I have a bachelor of science in nursing from Coppin State University.

What else do you want people to know about you?

I love being a healthcare provider and I have wanted to be a nurse since I was 10 yrs old. I am married with a daughter. I also have many young nurses that have adopted me as their mother.

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