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Patient Testimonial: Lary Levy

Image of Larry Levy, who suffered a heart attack and was treated at The Johns Hopkins Hospital. When he realized he was having a heart attack, Lary Levy drove himself to Johns Hopkins Hospital, where he was treated with an angioplasty and stents.

I was 41, on my way to work, when I started feeling pains in my left arm. Heart problems had killed both my dad and his brother when they were in their 50s. Fortunately, I realized I was having a heart attack, so I drove myself to Johns Hopkins.

It’s a very scary thing when you have to go into the emergency room with chest pains. You want people who are thinking on a higher level. I needed angioplasty, and then stents. From that moment on, I’ve trusted the specialists at Johns Hopkins to manage my heart care. Through a tailored plan, they’ve kept me informed and healthy.

Even though I run a crazy business that operates seven days a week, Johns Hopkins has kept my life on track. I’m 61 and going strong.

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