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Patient Testimonial: Samuel Brown

Image of Samuel Brown, who experieced a dissection of his aorta. Samuel Brown experienced a dissection of his aorta. a potential deadly occurrence.

One morning four years ago, my sister took one look at me and said, “How are you doing?” I said, “You’d better call 911.”

It was a good thing that she did.

At the local hospital, they told me I had high blood pressure and a blocked carotid artery. But it wasn’t until I got to Johns Hopkins that I learned I had something even worse: dissection of my ascending aorta.

My vascular surgeon there repaired the tear, and today I’m doing just fine. I do have to take some medications every day, but I also do the things I enjoy most, like photography and my radio-controlled model boats. Oh, and in December, my sister and I celebrated my 70th birthday.

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