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Increased Efficiency Means Less Waiting

The change in physical space will result in increase efficiency among staff members. The new work areas help Johns Hopkins staff be more efficient and provide better care.

Nobody likes to wait, especially in a hospital. The Sheikh Zayed Tower is designed to provide efficient care to cardiovascular patients. The inpatient clinical care area for the Heart and Vascular Institute is located in a central area — inpatient rooms, imaging labs and operating rooms are all adjacent to each other, providing continuity of care throughout a patient’s stay.

The new Imaging Center has nine procedure rooms and four bay areas. Also, the electrophysiology lab has an increased capacity for complex procedures, significantly shortening the previous wait time. Extra rooms and beds are available throughout the Heart and Vascular Institute. “It’s huge,” says Lauren Johnson, CVIL Cardiac Cath Chief Technologist.

  • Cardiac Operating Room – six suites, including a hybrid operating room, which can serve both cardiac and vascular patients, and a dedicated pediatric cardiac operating room
  • General cardiology - 32 beds
  • Coronary Care Unit (CCU) - 12 beds
  • Cardiovascular Surgical Intensive Care Unit (CVSICU) - 18 beds

“It’s huge.” —Lauren Johnson, CVIL Cardiac Catheterization Chief Technologist

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