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Depression    (Diseases and Conditions)
Depression What is depression?Depression is a whole...mood, and thoughts. Depression affects the way,p01512

Major Depression    (Diseases and Conditions)
Major Depression What is depression?Depression is a know that depression is not a,p00746

Depression in Children    (Diseases and Conditions)
Depression in Children What is Depression?Depression can strike a...,depressioninchildren

Depression and Suicide    (Diseases and Conditions)
Depression and Suicide Most...also signs of depression. Observations of the,p00764

Bipolar Disorder    (Diseases and Conditions)
also called manic depression.Depression affects your body...more symptoms of depression than of mania,p00743

Dysthymia    (Diseases and Conditions)
lasting form of depression. It’s also...bouts of major depression at times.Depression is a mood,p00747

Seasonal Affective Disorder    (Diseases and Conditions)
is type of depression. It happens symptoms of depression. Light therapy and,p00755

Overview of Mood Disorders    (Diseases and Conditions)
all types of depression and bipolar disorders...mood disorders:Major depression. Having less interest,p00759

Caring for the Mother: Physically and Emotionally    (Diseases and Conditions)
illness, particularly postpartum depressionMarital strifeHow is postpartum depression diagnosed?Typical diagnostic...,p01226