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Signs of Lupus

Signs of Lupus

Lupus affects everyone differently. There are a number of signs that could indicate you have lupus, and it’s important to see your doctor if you have several of them at the same time. A sign is the evidence your doctor finds during an exam.

Common lupus signs include:

  • Sores in your mouth or nose

  • Hair loss visible to others

  • Rash lasting for days to weeks in areas that have been exposed to the sun

  • Swollen or stiff joints, which may be worse in the morning

  • Chest pain with every deep breath, lasting more than 24 hours

  • Pale fingers that may become numb and tingle when exposed to cold or stress (Raynaud’s phenomenon)

  • Protein in your urine

  • Low blood counts

  • Fever

  • Weight loss

If You Believe You Could Have Lupus

A primary care doctor, dermatologist or other doctor can help determine whether you should be referred to a rheumatologist to be evaluated for lupus.

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