When you’re a new mom, everyone may seem to have advice on what to eat and drink — and what to avoid — when breastfeeding. See how much you know about breastfeeding by taking this quiz.

Two seniors chopping vegetables
True or false: Certain foods such as oatmeal, barley, brewer’s yeast and pumpkin can increase your milk production.

The correct answer is B. false

The correct answer is B, false. Though all nutritious foods are good for nursing mothers, so-called “breastfeeding foods” are unlikely to cause significant changes in milk supply.

2. If you’re a nursing mother and you regularly eat spicy or garlicky food, your breastfeeding baby will likely:

The correct answer is C. become accustomed to flavors in the foods your family eats

The correct answer is C, become accustomed to flavors in the foods your family eats. For most nursing mothers, what they eat will not give their baby gas. However, your food choices, such as garlic or spicy foods, may cause your breast milk to taste different to your baby, which he or she may notice. But the flavor change won’t hurt the baby.