Who Needs a Pancreas and Kidney Transplant  QA
Transplant surgeon Niraj Desai, MD discusses reasons why someone would need a pancreas transplant or a combined pancreas and kidney transplant, most often due to diabetes. Johns Hopkins Comprehensive Transplant Center http://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/transplant/programs/kidney/pancreas.html Questions answered: 1. Describe what you do. (0:11) 2. What motivates you in your career? (0:21) 3. Why would someone need a pancreas transplant? (0:54) 4. Why do just a pancreas transplant? (1:25) 5. What is the objective of a pancreas transplant? (1:56) 6. Where do the donated pancreas organs come from? (2:28) 7. Are there other reasons why you may do a pancreas transplant alone? (2:37)