What is Thoracic Outlet Syndrome How is it Diagnosed and Treated
Assistant Professor of Surgery Dr. Ying Wei Lum discusses causes, symptoms and risk factors of thoracic outlet syndrome. Questions answered: 1. Describe what you do. (0:11) 2. What is thoracic outlet syndrome? (0:42) 3. How is thoracic outlet syndrome diagnosed? (1:07) 4. What kind of lab should conduct testing and scans? (2:01) 5. What are the treatment options for thoracic outlet syndrome?(2:48) 6. Briefly describe the procedure. (3:29) 7. What is the recovery like post surgery. (3:48) 8. What can patients expect after treatment? (4:10) 9. Is this likely to recur? (4:35) 10. What is the most rewarding thing that you do? (4:57) 11. Why come to Johns Hopkins for treatment of thoracic outlet syndrome? (5:30)