What is Inguinal Hernia  QA
Johns Hopkins general surgeon Bethany Sacks answers important questions about the minimally invasive approach to inguinal hernia surgery including ideal candidates, latest advancements and the recovery process. Learn more at:http://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/healthlibrary/conditions/adult/digestive_disorders/inguinal_hernia_85,P00387/ Questions Answered: 0:02 What are the latest techniques and advancement in inguinal hernia surgery? 0:37 Who is a candidate for inguinal hernia surgery? 1:02 What are the benefits of this type of surgery over other conventional methods? 1:16 What are the risk associated with this type of surgery? 1:40 How long is the actual surgical procedure, typically? 1:55 What precautions need to be taken after the surgery. and how long is the recovery period? 2:26 How does the surgery affect everyday life even after the recovery is complete?