What Causes Elbow Pain  QA with Dr John Ingari
John (Jack) Ingari, M.D., orthopedic surgeon at Johns Hopkins Orthopaedics, discusses elbow pain. He explains the common causes of elbow pain, the different types of elbow injuries and how to treat them, and how to prevent an elbow injury. Learn more at: www.hopkinsmedicine.org/ortho Questions Answered (0:01) What are some common causes of elbow pain? (0:35) Is it normal for my elbow to “pop” or “click” and have no pain? (0:55) What factors influence the likelihood of an elbow injury? (1:32) How do you diagnose and treat traumatic elbow injuries? (2:13) When is total joint replacement a good option to treat elbow pain? (2:54) What is tendinitis? (3:39) How is tennis elbow treated? (4:14) What actions can I take to prevent tennis elbow? (5:18) How long does it take to return to competitive sports or throwing following surgery? (6:00) At what point should you see an orthopaedic elbow specialist for elbow pain?