What Are Dense Breasts  FAQ with Dr Kelly Myers
Dr. Kelly Myers, breast imaging radiologist, discusses the importance of breast density and how it may affect your mammogram results. #BreastHealth #JohnsHopkins Call 443-997-7237 to request an appointment for your annual screening mammogram with Johns Hopkins Medical Imaging. 1. 0:02 My doctor says I have "dense breasts". What does that mean? 2. 0:25 How do I know if I have dense breasts? 3. 0:41 Why is breast density important? 4. 0:58 Does dense breast tissue make it more difficult to detect breast cancer? 5. 1:16 How do radiologists use breast density information? 6. 1:37 Can 3D mammography make it easier to spot cancers in dense breasts? 7. 1:59 Are there different levels of breast density? 8. 2:12 Is there anything I can do to change my breast density? 9. 2:27 Why am I being informed about my breast density? 10. 2:51 Does breast density affect the type of exam I would receive?