We Empower The Johns Hopkins Hospital Professional Practice Model for Nursing
What does it mean to be a nurse at The Johns Hopkins Hospital? It means being empowered to drive change and make improvements to help ensure we are delivering the highest-quality care to our patients. When a new state law called for an additional health care provider to be part of the neonatal transport team, nurses Beth Diehl and Karen Frank saw an opportunity to build on the expertise and capability of Johns Hopkins neonatal ICU nurses. With the support of leadership, Diehl and Frank created a new nursing role — that of transport and delivery room (or TR/DR) nurse. They developed a curriculum and trained neonatal ICU nurses in the specialized skills needed to assist in the delivery room and in the transport of newborns to and from facilities around the state. The new TR/DR nurses have helped increase thermoregulation rates, meaning more newborns arrive in the neonatal ICU with an axillary temperature of greater than 36.3 degrees Celsius, and have helped reduce the length of time it takes to stabilize the newborn at the referring hospital. This is just one way Johns Hopkins nurses are empowered to solve problems and improve outcomes for patients and families. Learn more at: http://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/nursing