Shoulder Injuries  QA with Dr Edward McFarland
Orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Edward McFarland, director of the Division of Shoulder Surgery, discusses the causes, symptoms and treatment of shoulder injuries.Learn more at: Questions answered: 1. What is dislocation of the shoulder? (0:01) 2. What are some common causes of a dislocated shoulder? (0:40) 3. What is subluxation of the shoulder? (1:32) 4. What are the symptoms of a dislocated shoulder? (2:07) 5. How is a dislocated shoulder treated? (2:33) 6. When is surgery needed for a dislocated shoulder? (3:00) 7. What is a Bankart lesion or Hills-Sach fracture? (3:35) 8. How long does it take to recover from a dislocated shoulder? When can I return to playing sports? (4:31) 9. Is physical therapy needed after surgery? (5:26) 10. What is the risk of recurrent dislocation? (5:52)