Revision Surgery for Breast Reconstruction
Revision surgeries to improve shape, symmetry and aesthetics of a woman's breasts, include a breast lift, fat grafting, nipple reconstruction and nipple tattooing. These procedures are often selected by women who have undergone a mastectomy or lumpectomy. For more information about the Johns Hopkins Breast Center, visit 0:00.8 Most patients require some breast revision surgeries to 0:04.0 improve shape and symmetry after breast reconstruction. 0:08.1 On average, 0:09.0 patients complete one to three revision procedures. 0:12.4 These procedures are usually out patient surgeries and 0:15.3 may include breast lifts to match the breast shape and 0:19.1 location, fat grafting, nipple reconstruction, and 0:23.9 an areola tattoo. 0:27.0 Your plastic surgeon will do everything possible to make your 0:29.8 breasts look and feel as natural as possible. 0:32.9 You should discuss all of your concerns with us, 0:35.8 as well as your expectations for your post-surgery appearance and 0:39.2 recovery. 0:40.6 We can also show you photographs of other patients' results.