Primary Care Sports Medicine  QA with Dr Raj Deu
Sports medicine physicians treat anyone who is physically active to help them improve performance, enhance overall health, prevent injury and maintain their physical activity throughout their lives. Learn more from sports medicine physician, Raj Deu, M.D. on what sports medicine entails, how our Johns Hopkins Sports Medicine team works together, and when you should come see a sports medicine physician. Learn more at: Questions Answered: 1. What is sports medicine? 0:03 2. What is the difference between a primary care sports medicine physician and a sports medicine orthopaedic surgeon? 0:44 3. What does the Johns Hopkins sports medicine team comprise of? 1:18 4. Do most sports injuries require surgery? 1:33 5. What are the most common injuries you treat? 2:13 6. How many of those common injuries does the sports medicine division treat in a year? 2:55 7. What is the difference between an annual physical and a sports physical? 3:43 8. What are some preventive measures you would recommend to patients? 4:37