Pregnancy and Inflammatory Bowel Disease What You Need to Know  QA
Tina Ha, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Johns Hopkins Gastroenterology & Hepatology, discusses Inflammatory Bowel Disease and pregnancy, including how to prepare for pregnancy, medication management, flare-ups while pregnant, and breastfeeding. For more information: Questions answered: 1. If I have inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), can I get pregnant? (0:16) 2. As a woman living with IBD how should I prepare for pregnancy? (1:12) 3. Do I continue taking medication for my IBD if I am trying to become pregnant or once I am pregnant? (2:42) 4. If I have a flare-up during my pregnancy, what should I do? (4:05) 5. Should I continue to take my IBD medication if I am breastfeeding? (4:43)