Pectus Excavatum  QA with Pediatric Surgeons Dylan Stewart and David Hackam
Johns Hopkins Children’s Center pediatric surgeon-in-chief David Hackam answers questions about pectus excavatum. He provides information on the surgical procedure to repair pectus excavatum at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, the appropriate age for surgery and the recovery time. Learn more at Questions Answered: 0:03 What is pectus excavatum? 0:35 What is the surgical procedure to repair pectus excavatum? 1:07 What is the appropriate age for surgery? 1:32 Why should my child have this surgery at Johns Hopkins Children Center? 2:15 How many JHCC pediatric surgeons perform this procedure? 2:36 How many years have our surgeons performed this procedure? 2:58 Is the surgery painful? 3:28 In addition to a surgeon, what doctors will be part of my care team? 4:31 How long before my child can return to normal activities? 4:57 Is JHCC a high-volume pectus care center? 5:20 How successful is the minimally invasive pectus repair?