MRI Fusion Biopsy  QA with Dr H Ballentine Carter
Dr. H. Ballentine Carter, a urologic oncologist at Johns Hopkins Hospital, explains the difference between a standard biopsy procedure and a fusion biopsy procedure for the detection of prostate cancer. Learn more at: Questions Answered: 1. Why is targeted MRI/ultrasound biopsy used for prostate care? 0:03 2. What is a fusion biopsy procedure? 0:22 3. What are the benefits of having a fusion biopsy? 0:47 4. How does a fusion biopsy procedure determine next steps in the treatment of prostate cancer? 1:13 5. What are the risks of a fusion biopsy procedure? 1:38 6. How do I know if I am a candidate for fusion biopsy? 1:58 7. What is the recovery like after a fusion biopsy procedure? 2:20 8. Why should I come to Johns Hopkins for a fusion biopsy procedure? 2:37