Minimally Invasive Surgery Options for Lung Cancer  Dr Errol Bush
Johns Hopkins thoracic surgeon Errol Bush discusses what surgical options are available for lung cancer patients, the recovery and aesthetic benefits of minimally invasive surgery for lung cancer, and when it’s appropriate and why it’s important to be treated at a comprehensive cancer center, such as the Johns Hopkins Lung Cancer Program. To learn more, visit When is surgery an appropriate treatment for lung cancer? 0:03 What are the surgical options for treatment of lung cancer? 0:23 What are the minimally invasive surgical options for the treatment of lung cancer? 0:52 When is minimally invasive surgery appropriate? 1:30 What makes someone a candidate for minimally invasive thoracic surgery? 1:58 What are the benefits of minimally invasive surgery for lung cancer? 2:31 Why is it important to be treated by a multidisciplinary team and comprehensive cancer program? 3:21