Meniscus Injuries  QA with Dr Andrew Cosgarea
Dr. Andrew Cosgarea, chief of the division of sports medicine at Johns Hopkins Orthopaedics, discusses meniscus injuries. He explains how meniscus injuries happen, the signs and symptoms and how they are treated, and how to prevent a meniscus injury. Learn more at: Questions Answered: (0:01) What is a meniscus? (0:21) How does the meniscus get injured/torn? (0:53) What are the symptoms of a meniscal tear? (1:29) Does meniscus surgery cause, treat or prevent arthritis? (2:00) Once diagnosed, how are meniscal tears treated? (2:44) Does every meniscal tear require surgery? (3:14) What is the recovery after meniscal surgery? (4:03) What is articular cartilage, and what is so unique about it? (4:37) When can I return to sports after an injured meniscus? (5:30) Can the meniscus get torn a second time? (5:55) What are the different surgery options available for an injured meniscus?