Mammography and Tomosynthesis  QA
Johns Hopkins breast imaging expert Dr. Susan Harvey explains 3D mammography, or tomosynthesis, and discusses the benefits of this breast cancer screening tool. Johns Hopkins offers tomosynthesis at Johns Hopkins Imaging in Green Spring Station, Maryland. For questions and comments, call 410-583-2702. To schedule a mammogram, including the 3D option, with Johns Hopkins imaging, call 443-997-RADS (7237). Learn more about Johns Hopkins imaging locations and services: Questions answered: 1. Describe what you do. (0:11) 2. What is the difference between screening mammography and diagnostic mammography? (0:24) 3. What are the benefits of screening mammography? (1:00) 4. What are the current recommendations for screening mammograms? (1:12) 5. Explain the importance of sub-specialized breast radiologists reading mammograms. (1:30) 6. What is 3D mammography or tomosynthesis? (2:02) 7. How does 3D mammography differ from the traditional 2D mammography? (2:33) 8. Can 3D mammography replace 2D mammography screenings? (3:04) 9. Who should receive a tomosynthesis breast exam? (3:29) 10. What are the benefits of tomosynthesis? (3:46) 11. When should a 3D mammogram be done? (4:25) 12. What should be expected during a tomosynthesis breast exam? (4:56) 13. Is there more radiation dose in a 3D mammography? (5:32) 14. Is tomosynthesis covered by insurance? (6:10) 15. What inspired you to do what you do at Johns Hopkins? (6:42)