Mammography  Screening Guidelines  FAQ with Dr Lisa Mullen
Dr. Lisa Mullen, breast imaging radiologist, discusses the latest screening mammogram guidelines and the benefits of having an annual mammogram. #Mammogram #BreastCancer #JohnsHopkins Call 443-997-7237 to request an appointment for your annual screening mammogram with Johns Hopkins Medical Imaging. 1. 0:01 What is the difference between screening mammography and diagnostic mammography? 2. 0:33 What are the benefits of screen mammography? 3. 0:48 What are the current recommendations from Johns Hopkins for when to begin and how often to have screening mammograms? 4. 1:25 How do certain risk factors influence the recommendations for the start and frequency of screening mammograms? 5. 2:23 What is a false positive mammography result and how can it be avoided? 6. 3:01 How can 3D mammography or tomosynthesis help avoid false positives?