Mammography  Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines  QA
Learn more about Johns Hopkins breast cancer services at Johns Hopkins breast imaging expert Dr. Cecilia Brennecke explains screening mammography guidelines and what to expect. To schedule a mammogram with Johns Hopkins Imaging, call 410-735-7100. Learn more about Johns Hopkins Imaging locations and services: Questions answered: 1. What is the difference between screening mammography and diagnostic mammography? (0:37) 2. What are the benefits of screen mammmography? (1:10) 3. What are the current recommendations from Johns Hopkins for when to begin and how often to have a screening mammogram? (1:53) 4. What are the recommendations for screening mammograms? (2:26) 5. How do certain risk factors influence the recommendations of when and how often to have a screening mammogram? (3:43) 6. What is a false positive mammography result and how can they be avoided? (5:31) 7. How can 3D mammography or tomosynthesis help with avoiding false positives? (6:57) 8. Should one be concerned about radiation exposure with annual mammogram testing? (7:49) 9. What is the importance of sub-specialized breast radiologists reading mammograms? (8:46)