Lymphedema Surgery  QA
Lymphedema is a condition most commonly caused by removal of or damage to lymph nodes during treatment for cancer. Other causes of lymphedema are congenital abnormalities and trauma. Watch as Johns Hopkins plastic and reconstructive surgeon Oluysei Aliu, M.D. discusses new surgical options for the treatment of lymphedema. Learn more at: Questions Answered 1. What causes lymphedema and how common is it? 0:04 2. What happens when lymphedema is present? What are the symptoms? 0:41 3. How is lymphedema diagnosed? 1:21 4. Once lymphedema is diagnosed, how should it be treated? 1:58 5. What are the two different surgical options for treating lymphedema? 2:51 6. What can patients expect following the surgery? 3:52 7. Why come to Johns Hopkins for surgery? 5:16