Johns Hopkins Initiative for Careers in Science and Medicine
In this video, we describe the Johns Hopkins Initiative for Careers in Science and Medicine (CSM), which develops students (‘scholars’) from disadvantaged backgrounds into successful professionals, especially in the STEM and healthcare fields. The CSM serves high school, undergraduate, and post-baccalaureate students and seeks to help every scholar succeed based on their hard work and merits. Our program develops scholars’ academic and technical skills and professionalism while helping them build a list of tangible accomplishments. We achieve these goals through mentored research and structured academic training. We draw upon our scientific enterprise, endowed with phenomenal doctoral and postdoctoral trainees, staff, and faculty to deliver our programs. Our programs are making strides. To date, 100% of our high school students who have reached college age have entered college, and greater than 50% have chosen STEM or healthcare-related career paths. Because of the nature of our recruiting mechanism, all of our undergraduate and post-baccalaureate scholars are STEM majors, and all are extremely likely to matriculate into medical or graduate doctoral programs. Learn more at: and