Hand Arthritis  Bills Story
Bill developed hand arthritis in his left hand that started to affect his ability to play guitar and affect his job as a sign language interpreter. The pain of #arthritis in his hand, led to Bill seeking care with a hand surgeon at Johns Hopkins Orthopaedics. Visit us: https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/orthopaedic-surgery/specialty-areas/hand/ Dr. Dawn LaPorte, Bill's physician, talked to him about all options that could help alleviate the pain. Ultimately, Bill decided to move forward with a thumb CMC Arthoplasty (thumb joint replacement). Following the surgery, Bill had the help of the Johns Hopkins Rehabilitation Network's occupational therapist, Jyo Supnekar, to regain function and strength in his hand. Bill is now back to playing guitar and working as a sign language interpreter with no pain thanks to the team at #JohnsHopkins.