Fetoscopic Surgery for Spina Bifida  Keris Story
Keri and Scott will never forget the day their unborn baby, Harper, was diagnosed with spina bifida. At 21 weeks, an ultrasound detected the defect in Harper’s spinal column causing her bones to improperly form. Wanting the best possible outcome for their third child, Keri and Scott turned to the Fetal Therapy team at Johns Hopkins. Dr. Jena Miller and Dr. Ahmet Baschat introduced them to fetoscopic surgery, an innovative and less invasive treatment option to correct the fetus’s spinal column in the womb. Three weeks after diagnosis, Keri and Harper underwent a successful fetoscopic surgery. Their robust care team seamlessly incorporated specialists from the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center to ensure both mother and daughter’s evolving needs were cared for through delivery and beyond. For more information about this condition and treatment, visit: https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/gynecology_obstetrics/specialty_areas/fetal_therapy/conditions_we_treat/spina_bifida.html